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Robotech Novel #2 Battle Cry

Pages 216
Author: Jack McKinney
Publisher Del Rey Books
Year 1987
SRP $4.95


From the Back Cover

Even Miracles have their down side...

Some called it miraculous when the Super Dimensional Fortress crash-landed on Earth: the alien spacecraft's arrival had put a sudden end to almost a decade of global war.

Yet Henry J. Gloval, captain of the SDF-1, was a practical man. When it came to asking himself how he had ended up in command of an alien space fortress carrying more than 50,000 civilians in its belly, he refused to let the question surface more than twice a day.

And yet there was the planet Saturn filling the viewport of the SDF-1 bridge, and there he was in the command chair.

But now the Zentraedi had come to claim the ship...

From the Robotech FAQ

Henry Gloval, human captain of the alien spacecraft call the Super Dimensional Fortress, was a practical man -- he only asked himself how in the world he had ended up in command of the stupendously powerful SDF-1 once or twice a day. After all, he had more important things on his mind -- for now the Zentraedi had come to claim the alien space fortress as their own...


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