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Art Books

Robotech Art 1 (OOP)
Robotech Art 2 (OOP)
Robotech Art 3 (OOP)

Robotech Art 1 Limited Edition (OOP)
Robotech Art 2 Limited Edition (OOP)

OOP = Out of Print

Role Playing

Robotch RPG Series:

Book 1: Macross (OOP)
Book 2: The RDF Manual™ (OOP)
Book 3: The Zentraedi™ (OOP)
Book 4: Southern Cross (OOP)
Book 5: Invid Invasion™ (OOP)
Book 6: The Return of the Masters™ (OOP)
Book 7: New World Order™ (OOP)
Book 8: Strike Force™ (OOP)

Robotech RPG Adventures Series:
Zentraedi Breakout™ (OOP)
Ghost Ship (OOP)
The RDF Accelerated Training Program™ (OOP)

Robotech II Series:
The Sentinels™ (OOP)
The REF Field Guide™ (OOP)

Macross II Series:
Source Book One (OOP)



OOP = Out of Print


Combo Books

Robotech 3-in-1 (Genesis, Battle Cry, Homecoming)
Robotech 3-in-1 (Battlehymn, Forces of Arms, Doomsday)
Robotech 3-in-1 (Southern Cross, Metal Fire, The Final Nightmare)
Robotech 3-in-1 (The Devil's Hand, Dark Powers, Death Dance) (OOP)

Macross Saga
#1 Genesis (OOP)
#2 Battle Cry (OOP)
#3 Home Coming (OOP)
#4 Battlehymn (OOP)
#5 Forces of Arms (OOP)
#6 Doomsday (OOP)

Robotech Masters Saga
#7 Southern Cross (OOP)
#8 Metal Fire (OOP)
#9 The Final Nightmare (OOP)

New Generation Saga
#10 Invid Invasion (OOP)
#11 Metamorphosis (OOP)
#12 Symphony of Light (OOP)

Robotech II: The Sentinels
#13 The Devil's Hand (OOP)
#14 Dark Powers (OOP)
#15 Death Dance (OOP)
#16 World Killers (OOP)
#17 Rubicon (OOP)

#18 End of the Circle (OOP)
#19 Zentraedi Rebellion (OOP)
#20 The Masters Gambit (OOP)
#21 Before the Invid Storm (OOP)

OOP = Out of Print

Other Books

The Graphic Novel (OOP)
Robotech II: Script Book: Volume 1 (OOP)

OOP = Out of Print


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