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Robotech 3-in-1 (Genesis,Battle Cry,Homecoming)

Pages 488
Author: Jack McKinney
Publisher Del Rey Books
Year 1994
SRP $5.99
ISBN 0-345-38900-X


#1 Genesis
As the Global Cival War was about to wipe out humankind, a dying alien genius dispatched the abandoned Super Dimensional Fortress to Earth -- and put humanity's future in the hans of a corps of untried, resolute young men and women: the Robotech Defense Force. The the most feared conqurors in the universe attacked, and the real war began...

#2 Battle Cry
Henry Gloval, human captain of the alien spacecraft call the Super Dimensional Fortress, was a practical man -- he only asked himself how in the world he had ended up in command of the stupendously powerful SDF-1 once or twice a day. After all, he had more important things on his mind -- for now the Zentraedi had come to claim the alien space fortress as their own...

#3 Homecoming
For more than a year, the humans aboard the SDF-1 had fought and eluded an endless armada of Zentraedi warships. Now the space fortress would have to battle her way back to Earth. But villains came in human form as well as alien -- and the treachery of power-hungry men might be the most lethal threat of all...


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