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Robotech 3-in-1 (Battlehymn,Forces of Arms,Doomsday)

Pages 504
Author: Jack McKinney
Publisher Del Rey Books
Year 1994
SRP $5.99



#4 Battlehymn
For two years, Captain Gloval and the crew of the Super Dimensional Fortress had been chased through the solar system by a race of giant alien warriors, only to be grounded and ignored when they returned to planet Earth. But Gloval did not take things lying down. Violating Council dictates, he ordered the SDF-1 airbourne. The fate of the earth was at stake...

#5 Forces of Arms
The alien armada had hunted the mighty SDF-1 across the trackless void of space and now planned to destroy it -- along with the human race, its homeworld, and any aliens who had defected to the Terran side. Every Zentraedi warrior was mobelized for the climactic battle of the Robotech War. For the aliens, like humanity, must win or be obliterated!

#3 Doomsday
The SDF-1 had returned to its ravaged home-world and Earth's humans had begun the painstaking process of reconstruction. They and their former enemies, the Zentraedi, now shared a common goal -- survival! But all was not well in this bravest of worlds: unaccustomed to a life without warefare, many of the Zentraedi were reverting to their old xenophobic ways...


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