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Robotech The Role Playing Game

Pages 110
Author: Kevin Siembieda
Publisher Palladium Books
Year 1986
SRP $12.95
ISBN 0-916211-21-5


Welcome to the world of ROBOTECH™. In the proceeding pages you will find the television series accurately and loyally recreated. Long time fans of the Japanese version of the series, Macross, will find that we have retained much of the wonderful, original data from the ROBOTECH™/Macross saga. Long hours spent accurately translating such classic, Japanese books as Memory Perfect, the Macross Guide Books and others, have provided us with a wealth of information never before published in the English Language. Carl Macek's valuable insight and direction has enabled us to produce not only an exciting game, but what we believe to be "the" definitive, English language, ROBOTECH™ source book.

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