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Robotech RPG Book 4:
Southern Cross

Pages 112
Author: Kevin Siembieda
Publisher Palladium Books
Year 1987
SRP $11.95
ISBN 0-916211-27-4


The Southern Cross is a supplement to the original ROBOTECH™ RPG: Book One Macross. It is NOT a complete game in itself.

Yet, like its predecessor, Southern Cross is directly adapted from the T.V. series and the notes of Carl Macek. Many Robotech fans will notice mecha, vehicles, weapons and equipment they may not remember from the television series. Is this imaginary stuff made up for the RPG? The answer is mostly NO! All the human mecha and other items are based on real material that is seen in the series. The running joke at Palladium was that "everything appeared in one episode or another for 10 seconds or less!" So if you blinked or went to the bathroom, you missed it. Seriously, its very true. We see all the Southern Cross battloids described in this book in a 5 second scene in episode 41 or 46. That's the extent of it. How many of you noticed the green bioroids? They're actually seen for a minute or two. Dana even captures one.

Only a tiny percentage of material is actually complete extrapolation, like the battloids of the E.B.S.I.S. And even this material is based on model sheets from the original animation. They are just ideas that died on the film editor's floor (or maybe I blinked at the wrong moment). Data on the Armies, world and Robotech Masters are adapted directly from the notes and ideas of Mr. Macek.

The Southern Cross animated series is unique in that it was an ambitious attempt by a Japanese studio to create a science fiction epic. This was to be the crowning feather in their cap. Unfortunately, in their fervor they introduced too much with too little play time. Consequently, I have tried to spotlight as many of these creations as possible for your gaining pleasure. Within the following pages you will find the world of Southern Cross. The next generation of Earth's defenders.

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