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Robotech RPG Adventures:
Zentraedi Breakout

Pages 64
Author: Deborah Christian and Kevin Siembieda.
Publisher Palladium Books
Year 1994
SRP $9.95
ISBN 0-916211-67-3


Zentraedi Breakout is the first new Robotech sourcebook in several years. Between these covers you will find new information and background about the South American continent as a whole and the Argentine Quadrant in particular. The focus is trouble coming from the Zentraedi Control Zone and the Robotech Defense Force's (RDF) efforts to contain that trouble. It contains the military and political hierarchy in South America, RDF operations, military units that serve independent of mecha troops, border surveillance outposts and stealth reconnaissance teams. People, geography and resources of the region are also explored. Interesting Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are provided and adventure lead-ins are suggested. One such element is a town setting that can be used either as a duty station or as a resort for much needed R&R by battle-weary soldiers and mercenaries. The game master can flesh out sojourns in the Argentine Quadrant and excursions into the other parts of South America. Hopefully, all of this will help to bring the world of Robotech alive and provide hours of adventure!

The first half of this work describes the region, peoples, history, and military developments in the strategic Argentine Quadrant, Players can safety read the first half of this book without fear of spoiling the adventures they may become embroiled in. Most of the background information is common knowledge to RDF soldiers and other characters who live and work in South America. Likewise, newcomers to the area learn most of this information from newspapers and television reports, books, magazines, RDF data files, fellow soldiers, local inhabitants, gossip, rumors, and so on.

The second half contains adventures related to the patrolling of the Control Zone and the containment of marauding Zentraedi. The main adventure, "Zentraedi Breakout," casts the player characters in strategic roles, as they try to halt what turns out to be one of the Zentraedi's last great pushes to break out of the Control Zone.

Zentraedi Breakout is the first Robotech supplement to combine the RDF with the fledgling Armies of the Southern Cross! The inclusion of the Armies, O.C.C.s and mecha of the Southern Cross can be considered optional and easily excluded from the adventure environment. However, the Game Master and players may find they are eliminating a unique and fun avenue of play. The Robotech Role-Playing Game is absolutely needed to play. The RDF Manual, Zentraedi and Southern Cross books provide more mecha, vehicles, weapons and helpful information that will increase the scope of the adventure environment. Of course, players will need and want Robotech Book Four: Southern Cross if they are including these characters and mecha in the adventure setting. Note: The Game Master and players can make photocopies of maps and charts included in this book for their personal game use.

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