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#61 Invid Invasion

Episode # 61
Name Invid Invasion
Running Time Approx 23 minutes
Saga New Generation
  • The Invid invade the Earth
  • The fleet sent to retake the earth is almost completely destroyed
  • Scott Bernard vows to defeat the Invid to avenge his fiances death
  • Rand joins the mission

The Invid quickly conquer and enslave the Earth. Admiral Hunter sends a fleet of ships to destroy the Invid invaders and their headquarters, Reflex Point. Aboard the fleet is fighter pilot Scott Bernard, and his fiance Marlene. The Invid quickly overwelm the fleet, completely destroying it. Scott Bernard manages to crash his alpha fighter safely in the woods. Determined to complete his mission and take revenge for the death of his fiance, Scott sets out on a cyclone to find and destroy the Invid Reflex Point. Using his cyclone he destroys 3 invid and rescues a young traveler, Rand.


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