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Robotech: The Macross Saga

Publisher TDK
Year 2002
SRP $29.99
Platform Game Boy Advance

About the Game

A classic 2D shooter that artfully mixes side-scrolling and forced perspective gameplay. Play as a mighty fighter from the hit Robotech series as you battle to save planet Earth from total destruction. Auto cannon fire lights up the skies in this epic intergalactic war with the Zentradi legions. The best defense that Earth has is the Veritech Valkyrie, a fast-changing fighter that moves through the air with the grace of a dancer and packs the punch of an armored division!


  • Four person multiplayer capabilities via the GBA competitive link cable
  • Four playable characters - Rick, Roy, Max or Miryia with the option to unlock secret playable characters and Robots
  • The ability to upgrade and enhance weapons through accrued points and credits from destroying enemies
  • Fast and fun gameplay that is true to the Robotech series

Where to Buy

Coming Soon!


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