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#1 Booby Trap

Episode # 1
Name Booby Trap
Running Time Approx 23 minutes
Saga Macross
  • SDF-1 crash lands on earth
  • Rick Hunter arrives to celebrate its restoration
  • The Zentraedi arrive looking for the SDF-1
  • The SDF-1 launches an attack against its new enemy
  • Rick crash lands his fighter in Macross City

In 1999, the SDF-1 appeared from hyper space and crashed on the southern pacific island, Macross. Ten years later, the citizens of Macross celebrate the anticipated launch of the reconstructed ship. Rick Hunter has flown in as the guest of his friend Commander Roy Foker. Roy offers to take Rick on flight in a Veritech, a new "Robotech" fighter plane. As a fleet of Zentraedi ships defold from hyperspace, the SDF-1 automatically fires its main gun in defense. The battle alarm sounds and the Veritechs are scrambled to defend the SDF-1. Rick sits alone in a Veritech, left by Roy when the battle alarm sounded. Lisa Hayes, thinking Rick is a fighter pilot, orders him to take off and join the battle. He soon loses control of his plane and crash lands in the center of Macross City.


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