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#2 Countdown

Episode # 2
Name Countdown
Running Time Approx 23 minutes
Saga Macross
  • Rick Hunter Meets Lynn Minmei
  • The SDF-1 tries to take off, but the gravitational system fails
  • Citizens of Macross City are evacuated to shelters
  • Minmei leaves the shelter to get something she left at home
  • Zendradi take the battle to the streets of Macross City
  • Rick saves Minmei and they come face to face with a giant Zentraedi

Rick Hunter is relieved to find himself safely on the ground. He is confused on what has happened. How did his plane turn into a robot? He meets a yound girl Lynn Minmei who lives nearby where he crashed. Unable to control his plane in this new configuration, he is glad to see his friend Roy fly down to save him. Roy explains about the Veritechs and how they work. As they take off, Minmei and her family leave for the shelters. Forgetting her diary, Minmei leaves the shelter to retrieve it. Before she is able to get back to the shelter, the Zentraedi take to the streets. Minmei finds herself about to be killed when Roy flies down and saves her. He tells Rick to get her out of there. So Rick picks her up in the hand of his veritech and flies off. All is fine until a Zentraedi Battle Pods missle blows his arm off and Minmei begins falling to the ground. Rick flies to her, opens the cockpit, and pulls her in. Later when on the ground Rick encounters a Battle Pod and discovers that the Zentraedi are really just 50 foot humans.

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