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#3 Space Fold

Episode # 3
Name Space Fold
Running Time Approx 23 minutes
Saga Macross
  • The SDF-1 executes a hyper space fold
  • Macross Island and the SDF-1 are transported to the orbit of Pluto
  • The citizens of Macross City are brought aboard the SDF-1
  • Rick and Minmei are caught outside the ship in Ricks plane, but manage to get back aboard the ship through a hole caused by a crashed Zentradi ship

Their plane caught in the grasp of a dead Zentraedi soldier, Rick and Minmei are rescued by Roy, again. As they return to the SDF-1, Minmei insists that she must return to her family in the shelter. But Roy assures her that her family will be fine and continues on to the SDF-1. Meanwhile on the Zentraedi ship, Breetai and Exedore ponder a way to capture the SDF-1 without causing it any damage. So they launch an attack with the express orders not to damage the ship. The SDF-1, now in space, sounds its battle alert. Captain Gloval, fearing the ships destruction, decides to attempt the untested hyper space fold. He orders the ship to drop to 2000 feet above the Earths surface and execute the fold. Rick, trying to impress Minmei, offers to fly her to her family. As they take off, the SDF-1 executes the fold. The fold brings the SDF-1 to the orbit of Pluto, not the dark side of the moon as planned. The low altitude fold has also brought Macross Island and a big chunk of ocean to Pluto. Rick and Minmei, find themselves trapped outside the SDF-1, in a plane leaking oxygen. They manage to get aboard the SDF-1 through a hole made by a Zentraedi battle pod. Gloval orders the 70,000 civilians, in the shelters, to be brought aboard the SDF-1 so they can fold back to Earth. Only one problem, the fold system has disappeared.

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